Smart Library on Globalization
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Smart Library on Law and Globalization: Topics

Topic 1. What Is Globalization?

A. Perspectives on Globalization

1. Overview: Dimensions of Globalization

2. Overview: What Is Globalized and What Supports Globalization?

3. Overview: Who Controls Globalization?

Topic 2.Perspectives on Law and Globalization

A. How Is Global Law Created?

1. Overview: Why Create Global Law?

2. Overview: Effects of Global Law on Sovereignty

3. Overview: Sources of Global Law

B. How Is Global Law Received?

1. Overview: Local Reactions to Global Law

2. Overview: What Influences the Local Reception of Global Law?

Topic 3. Sites and Types of Global Lawmaking

A. Human Rights Law

1. Overview: Conditions for an International Humanitarian Regime

2. Overview: Developing International Human Rights in the 20th Century

3. Overview: War Crimes Tribunals and International Rights

B. Business and Market Regulation

1. Overview: Coordinating Understandings, Expectations and Actions in the Regulation of Global Business

2. Overview: Defining the Rules of the Game in Global Business Regulation

3. Overview: Relationships, Forums and Tools Are Vital for Global Business Regulation

C. International Courts and Adjudicatory Agencies

1. Overview: States and Dispute Settlement: Using Third Parties

2. Overview: Dependent Dispute Settlement Tools

3. Overview: Independent Dispute Settlement Tools

4. Overview: International Court Influence

5. Overview: Judicial Lawmaking in the International Arena

Topic 4: The Global Spread of Law

A. How Is Law Diffused Globally?

1. Overview: Perspectives on the Global Diffusion of Law

2. Overview: Aspects of Diffusing Law Globally

B. Who Gets a Voice in Diffusing Norms Globally?

1. Overview: Participation in Diffusing Global Norms

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